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Fundamental Vehicle Parts You Need to Familiarise With

If you own a car, it is essential to familiarise its most basic parts. Just imagine yourself driving on the road and then suddenly your ride stops to function and you have no inkling what to do. Definitely not good, right? So let us first get to know the fundamental parts of an automobile one-by-one and learn how they function.

Drive Train

It is typically just like a CPU on a computer. This acts as the main component, thus, making the machine move. It involves with the engine that burns fuel to release the mechanical energy that budges the machine, and the transmission, which shifts the gear differential to make use of the power produced effectively. It also includes the fuel system that consists various filters, tank, fuel injectors, the exhaust system that removes the engine's rubbish products, the coolant system that protects the engine from overheating and, of course, the braking system that halts the car whenever appropriate.


The body is usually made of plastic, fibreglass or metal pieces that cover the roof, doors, hood, and the sides of it. It also supports the windows, bumpers, trunk lid, and the grille. The design must be structured to minimise drag to boost fuel efficiency and to add up an appeal to the driver as well.

Electrical System

This includes the computer that manages various sensitive components involving the stereo system, spark plugs of the engine, headlights, dashboard and interior lights. The vehicle obtains its electrical power via its battery, which is charged by the running the engine from its alternator.


This is the part that comprises the skeletal frame of the automobile itself. The most important elements of the chassis are the steering system that allows you to turn the wheels and alter directions, the suspension system that keeps the wheels on the ground and balances the steering to avoid a bumpy ride and, lastly, the frame that reinforces all the parts and keeps them altogether, including the wheels.


This area includes some important components, too. The dashboard reports the condition of your car at any moment. No four-wheeler would ever be completed without its seats, may it be bench or bucket seats, covered with fabric or leather. Most automobiles on the road nowadays have ventilation and fans for air conditioning and heating, together with their control systems. Do not forget the seat belts and the airbags as well, for safety purposes.

It is expected that an automobile breaks down every once in awhile. So for vehicle solutions, you can refer to Beachside Automotive Services. They provide quality auto services to all their valued clients.

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